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Warehouse Address:
Road  De Montmeló, 102
08403 Granollers – Barcelona (Spain)



Intellectual property

The copyright and trademark of the website are protected by Spanish and international laws relating to the
intellectual property.

Sdt Brakes is the owner of all intellectual property rights related to illustrations, presentations, studies,

drawings, models, prototypes, etc. The logos and trademarks are the property of SDT BRAKES, except those that belong to the property of the
business associates present on the web.

Any reproduction or exploitation of the Client’s part is prohibited, except if SDT BRAKES gives its authorization in advance. Express and written.


It is strictly prohibited any total or partial reproduction of this content that is made illegally and not authorized by
SDT BRAKES, who reserves the right to bring legal action before the competent judicial and / or police authorities.


Data protection and privacy

Purpose of using the collected data

SDT BRAKES defends respect for individual freedoms, and has always been committed to using the personal data of its customers and
prospects just to carry out your offers and services. In addition, SDT BRAKES has consistently refused to market or take advantage of
the personal data of your customers or prospects.

SDT BRAKES, as responsible for treatment, implements treatments dedicated to its services and the management of the relationship with its clients
and prospects to allow each of them to maintain and repair their vehicle.

The data collected refers to:


  • To Vehicle Information (make, model, date of first registration, license plate number) to offer the appropriate parts for each
    One of them and advise your clients and future clients.
  • To the nominative data, filling in the forms: order, budget, customer account (name, surname, address of
    billing, shipping address, email, telephone), to prepare orders and send them.
  • To the navigation information (IP address, browser type, device type) to simplify customer travel and
    continue to improve the experience (compilation of statistics).

This information is essential for order processing (products, deliveries, deadlines) and their follow-ups.
(satisfaction surveys, personalized advice, provision of assembly instructions, mechanical videos and tutorials).

They can also be used to improve service quality, business operations, secure payments and the administration of
fraud, after-sales service and call campaigns of car parts manufacturers and targeted advertising.

It is specified that the services provided are limited to transport and order tracking, customer relations, payment services and
statistical establishment

These accesses are temporary, safe and strictly limited to the purpose of the mission entrusted to the service provider.



Conservation of collected data

The personal data associated with the customer’s account (name, surname, product or service, shipping address, address
billing, etc.) are retained for a period of three years from the last contact with SDT BRAKES.

They are still accessible to both the client / prospect and SDT BRAKES, especially from your account, to allow you to access your
Information at any time.

SDT BRAKES undertakes to eliminate them at any time after prior request.

However, at the end of this period, and even from the request for deletion, personal data may be subject to a
intermediate file And this, to comply with the legal, accounting and tax obligations that correspond to SDT BRAKES, as the obligation to
keep accounting documents and receipts (invoices, purchase orders …) for a period of ten years.

After this period, only aggregate and anonymous data of customers or prospects are retained. The data is preserved while the
SDT BRAKES activity is effective, or until the owner opposes the processing of these for well-founded and legitimate reasons.

Commercial prospecting: commercial offers, newsletters, contests, products, services, news

The SDT BRAKES companies request the agreement of their clients and prospects to send them commercial offers, newsletters,
contests, questionnaires, products, services and news by email, postal mail and telephone.

The client or prospectus agreement is obtained by checking one of the following boxes:

  • in the account creation or account authentication space “I agree to receive promotional offers from Sdt Brakes by email”;
  • in the contest area or through the order confirmation email “I agree to receive promotional offers by mail

This consent can be withdrawn by the client or prospect at any time.


Right of opposition, modification, correction, deletion and access to personal data

Customers and prospects can at any time “unsubscribe” for free by clicking on the link in each email or
change your personal information from “my account”.

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the protection of personal data, (LOPD) and the European regulation
No. 2016/679 and its Directive No. 2016/680 of April 27, 2016 on data protection, applied on May 25, 2018, customers and
Prospective customers have the right to access, modify, rectify, delete and oppose any information concerning them. For
To exercise this right, customers and prospects must send an email to or a postal letter, accompanied by a clear copy of an identity document (national identity document, passport, driving license, residence card) to the following address:

Carrer Ctra. de Montmeló, 102
08403 Granollers Barcelona (España)

In addition to the aforementioned rights, customers and potential customers can:

  • be informed of your right to data portability;
  • give directives regarding the conservation, disposal and communication of your post mortem data;
  • file a complaint with the AEPD

Data Protection Delegate

SDT brakes has appointed an official data protection delegate. The delegate can be contacted at the aforementioned postal address and via email to:


Modification of the privacy policy

SDT BRAKES may update this privacy policy at any time to adjust to its new products and services or changes


Definition and role of cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer, tablet, mobile or other terminal, when you access our website. The cookies we
allow you to store and retrieve information about your browsing habits or the equipment from where you access in general anonymously and
depending on the information they contain, if you are previously registered, to recognize you as a user or client.

The information obtained is related to the number of pages you visit, the language, the place from which you access, the number of new
users, the frequency and recidivism of visits, the duration of your visit, the browser or the equipment from which you make the


What types of cookies does this website use?

Below, you will find a table that indicates the cookies, tags or other similar devices used on the SDT BRAKES website,
as well as the objective of each one of them:

Technical and personalization cookies: identification and authentication cookies, navigation

SDT BRAKES uses cookies that are essential for browsing, for the security of your connection and the ordering process.

Without technical cookies without authorization, the use of our website would not be possible.

Editor the cookie name Objective
Sdt Brakes ASP.NET_SessionId, _wt1sic Necessary for navigation, session identifier
Sdt Brakes _cfuid, _wt1vic Necessary for navigation, navigation status
Sdt Brakes _wt1vpc, _bin_test_v2, _wt1spc Necessary for navigation, user choice
Sdt Brakes PAYMENT_OPTION, BasketEs, BasketContentEs, OXLYA1B2C3 Necessary for navigation, shopping cart
zopim __cfduid / __zlcmid / _zlcstore / _zlcid / _zte2095 Identify the session to establish a conversation with one of our tele advisors
Google HSID Security cookies for
authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of information
connection and protect user data against third parties not

The analysis cookies and the printing pixel

To analyze the frequency of our website and improve the quality of our service, we use audience measurement cookies and a
Pixel print in some of our ads.

They have an analytical objective (with an accounting role) and do not allow in any case to identify potential clients or Internet users.
These are cookies that allow us to know the use and performance of our website in order to improve its operation (for example,
the most consulted pages).

As for the print pixel you can activate the presence of an anonymous cookie in the browser. If you don’t want to view these ads,
You can modify your preferences by clicking on the following link:
Google Account Help – Control the ads you see

Editor cookie name Objective
Google _gat / _ga / _gads It allows Google
Analytics identify a user who has already gone through the page, with
The goal of counting unique visits effectively.
Google _gid Allows anonymous identification of a user
Google _dc_gtm_UA-# Statistical analysis, necessary for the proper functioning of analytics
Spread sbt Conversion tracking
Google IDE Advertising cookie for statistical analysis
ContentSquare _cs_id / _cs_s / _cs_c It helps analyze user behavior on the site. It allows to improve the UX
ADMO cikneeto / cikneeto.uuid / cikneeto_lastad It contains a unique identifier attributed to a user, which we
allows to identify each user and know their actions on the page
Bing MUIDB / MUID Statistical analysis, allows to count the number of sessions
Appnexus anj / uuid2 Statistic analysis

Cookies and social media plugins

These cookies and plug-in allow you to share our products and information on different social networks with ease.


Editor cookie name Objective
Facebook tr Permite compartir Facebook in your page

Advertising or behavioral advertising cookies

Are the cookies used to show you our advertising or information adapted to your centers of interest on our site or
out of it, while browsing the Internet.

Editor cookie name Objective
Facebook fr Used by Facebook to
offer you a series of advertising products, such as the offers of
other advertisers in real time.
Facebook datr / sb Used by Facebook
to offer you a series of advertising products, such as the offers of
other advertisers in real time.
Tradelab iev0 / uuid / uuid2 / uuid3 / EE / ud / _tlc / _tlp / _tlv / _tls / auid / ATN / udo Statistical analysis of the actions on the site
Google GoogleAdservingTest The cookies
they also serve to select the relevant advertisements for the
user, to improve campaign performance reports and to
Avoid spreading ads already seen by the user.
Google 1P_JAR / NID / _gcl_au The cookies
they also serve to select the relevant advertisements for the
user, to improve campaign performance reports and to
Avoid spreading ads already seen by the user.

Duration of conservation of cookies

Cookies are retained for a maximum of thirteen months from their deposit on your device. At the end of this period, it will be required
Your consent again.

Manage my cookies

If you wish, you can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your device by configuring the options of the
browser installed on your computer or from the privacy options of the computer from which you visit us, in case it does not allow the
installation of cookies in your browser you may not be able to access any of the sections of our website.

You can find information on how to do it in the case you use as a browser:


Firefox Enable and disable cookies that websites use to track your preferences

Chrome Delete, enable and manage cookies in Chrome

Explorer Enable and disable cookies

Safari Manage cookies and website data

You can also disable cookies based on their purpose:

Through the page can accept or deny the installation of cookies from each network.

To keep in mind: if you choose to deny cookies from a network, the advertising that will be shown to you will not be personalized.

Mail suspect? What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent technique used by hackers to retrieve confidential, personal and / or confidential information (data
banking, identity theft …) that belong to Internet users.
For this, they reproduce identically the design of a site or the communications (email) of a legitimate brand.

The most common way is to send an email that appears as official and whose content invites the victim to click on a
link that redirects to a site that also appears as an official to communicate your confidential information.

How do phishers proceed?

The authors of phishing attacks send emails to a large number of Internet users whose addresses have been
collected illegally or automatically composed of specific tools. These emails take the official logos and the
Typography of different companies, such as banks, e-commerce sites or Internet service providers, and ask the
user who clicks on a hypertext link included in the message.
The link URL included in the email is also “hidden” to make it look authentic.

Phishing emails generally threaten their victims or include promises or guarantees.

They often contain spelling errors, syntax errors or incorrect information in customer references.

However, phishing techniques are refined and modernized. The procedure does not change, but fake emails become
less gross, more often written in French and with fewer errors.


What to do if you receive a fraudulent email?

If it is an email from a company of which you are a customer (SDT Brakes, banking organization, Treasury, etc.):

  • Be careful with the forms in an email or on a website that requests banking information.
  • If in doubt, contact the company’s Customer Service Department to determine if you are the official sender of the

How to protect yourself from phishing?

Here are some tips that will help you understand phishing and avoid this practice.

In general, never communicate your credentials.

If you receive an email that contains a link to an online form asking you to complete your information
Personal (email address, SDT Brakes password, bank details, etc.), you have received an email, mail
fraudulent electronic and facing a fake site of SDT Brakes.

SDT BRAKES will never ask you

  • provide your bank details by email,
  • Your account password.

How to make sure to navigate safely?


When you have entered or redirected to our site, verify that the URL present in the address bar of your browser begins with:



Last update on September 24, 2019.




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