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‍The brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used to transfer pressure from the brake pedal to the brake calipers or cylinders, which in turn apply pressure to the brake pads and slow your car down. That is why it is so important. If you drive frequently, your car's brake fluid may need to be changed more often than you think. Here are some tips on when and how often you should change the brake fluid in your car. If you are looking to buy this type of fluid online, you can take a look at the SDT Brakes catalogue.

When to change the brake fluid: after an accident, immediately

Although the liquid does not look or smell burnt, change the liquid after any type of collision or sudden braking. This is because the liquid's boiling point drops when it becomes contaminated, making it boil at lower temperatures and less efficient. Even a minor collision could contaminate the fluid, and when you hit the brake pedal, the fluid inside the car's hydraulic cylinders could boil. In fact, an accident of just five miles per hour can cause the fluid inside the brake system to overheat. It is best to replace the contaminated fluid with new brake fluid to avoid overheating.

How to change brake fluid

The first step is to find the correct brake fluid for your car. Most cars use DOT 3 brake fluid or DOT 4 brake fluid, but beware, not all. The second step is to get a container to put the old brake fluid in. What you need to do next is open the hood and locate the master cylinder. Lastly, unscrew the lid on top and let all the old liquid drain into the container. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection, as well as an apron if possible, to protect yourself from any spills that may occur during this process. Each brake caliper will have to be bled well, in the case of modern vehicles the process is somewhat more complex. Once all the old brake fluid has been drained, screw the cap back onto the top of the master cylinder and tighten it with a wrench. We always advise that this task be carried out by a professional mechanic. We work with a large number of workshops and a network of distributors at a national and international level, they will be able to advise you regarding the total budget for said process. Ask usfor the one closest to you.

Racing SDT RT313 brake fluid (313º/205º)

This DOT4 brake fluid Racing has a high boiling point (313º), enjoying great thermal stability. It is a typical brake fluid recommended for trackday, rally raid, drift… Ideal for the brakes and clutch of your car, motorcycle, atv or utv Its dry boiling point is 313ºC; while the humid one is 205ºC. The SDT RT313 racing brake fluid is specially formulated to offer you brutal performance in the conditions mentioned above. Perfect for brake and clutch systems that require non-silicone synthetic fluids. For your vehicle, motorcycle, quad, ATV or UTV. Buy it now at SDT Brakes and start enjoying the experience now.< o:p>

If you need a more racing fluid with a higher dry temperature point, you can enjoy our Dot4 Racing SDT RR328 brake fluid (328ª/205º) which will provide you with a fluid to resist higher temperatures , 328º.


The brake fluid is a co Important component of the braking system of your car. It is designed to withstand high temperatures, but it also absorbs water, remember that this fluid is hygroscopic, which can damage the braking system. That's why you should change the brake fluid every two years or every 50,000 km. If you drive your car frequently, you should change the fluid annually, or before any long trip. If you do very sporty or trackday driving you should check before doing each Sporting event on the circuit or regularly check the status. In competition, the normal thing is to change for a weekend Race event and depending on the competition between training, qualifying and the Race or in the case of several races on the same weekend, brakes are bled to always have the fluid 100% clean. % of its properties.

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