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Yamaha, national leader in T4 and Side by Side after the dispute of the Cierzo Rally – Zuera.

From SDT Brakes we are very proud that the T4 of Yamaha Spain in which we put our grain of sand regarding the metallic brake lines and the brake pads. Two very important aspects to be able to be fighting at the top and in the great security that it provides to pilot and co-pilot.

Miquel Prat and Sergio Lafuente sign a great comeback to second position in T4 that allows them to establish themselves at the helm of the series side-by-side category in the Spanish Cross-Country Rallies Championship.

Signature double for the tuning forks at SSV, with Edesio and Juan José Caamaño, who take the lead, and Guillaume Meura / Carles Barangé.

Edesio and Juan José Caamaño round off their great weekend in Aragonese lands with the victory in the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup, where they shared honors with Meura / Barangé and Marc Sala / Pol Macià.

The Caamaños increase their advantage in the general classification of the YXZ1000R Cup to 34.2 points on Luis Sainero / Luis Muñoz in the absence of two appointments for the conclusion of the contest.

The two best in the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup, the brothers Caamaño and Meura / Barangé, also gave the tuning fork brand the honor of winning the double in the SSV section. These results, therefore, catapult the Caamaño to a double leadership: that of the SSV division of the Spanish Championship, which they debut, Yamaha Spain maintains its optimal progression in the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship (CERTT) after a great performance in the Cierzo Rally – Zuera. The eleven representatives of the brand in Zaragoza demonstrated the reliability and speed of their mounts throughout the more than 378 timed kilometers of the event, divided into four sections. Brothers Edesio and Juan José Caamaño won the SSV as well as the Yamaha YZX1000R Cup, leading both standings alone. In T4, Miquel Prat and Sergio Lafuente were second at the wheel of their Yamaha GYTR T4, a result that reaffirms their leadership of the Spanish Championship.

The ten participants of the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup faced the 10 kilometers of the prologue of Ontinar de Salz, Zaragoza, determined to find the best position for the more than 300 km that awaited the next day, and where the dust, the heat and the navigation management would be decisive. From the start, Edesio Caamaño and Juan José Caamaño demonstrated their good form, taking the scratch ahead of Luis María Henderson / Juan Carlos Carignani and their main pursuers in the general championship and winners of the last Baja Aragón, Luis Sainero / José Luis Muñoz.

The menu for Saturday, September 17, contemplated the great competitive bulk of the all-terrain rally, divided between the 131 km of the San Gregorio maneuvering field special, where the navigation was very complicated and the state of the terrain posed great challenges, and the 118 of the Montes de Zuera, which had to be covered twice. The progress of the test confirmed the solidity of the Caamaño brothers, who linked the three scratches in contention and sealed an unmitigated victory. The focus was therefore on the battle for the other two places on the podium, which involved the crews formed by Luis Sainero / José Luis Muñoz, Guilleume Meura / Carles Barangé and Marc Sala / Pol Maciá.

Sainero / Muñoz started as favorites in this interesting duel, but a problem in the first special made them fall back to eighth place in the general classification, far from the lead. They picked up the witness in pursuit of the Caamaño Guillaume Meura / Carles Barangé, who would end up establishing themselves in second place clearly ahead of Marc Sala and Pol Maciá, who signed their first appearance on the podium in Zuera in the specialty.</ p>

The two best in the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup, the Caamaño brothers and Meura / Barangé, also gave the tuning fork brand the honor of winning the double in the SSV section. These results, therefore, catapult the Caamaños to a double leadership: that of the SSV division of the Spanish Championship, which they debut, and that of the YXZR1000R Cup itself, which they maintain and expand, now with 34.2 points over Luis Sainero, fourth in Zuera. The last two scoring events will end up settling the story of a battle for the title that is presumed to be very exciting.

Miquel Prat and Sergio Lafuente, to the comeback in T4

The Cierzo Rally – Zuera showed the same equality and high doses of emotion in the FIA ​​T4 category, which had Miquel Prat and Sergio Lafuente as Yamaha props behind the wheel of their GYTR T4. The Catalan rider started the test with an impeccable prologue, where he took second place in the category and eighth scratch. Saturday was a constant roller coaster of emotions for them, starting with a very steep climb caused by time lost after some navigation problems on SS2. Prat and Lafuente redeemed themselves with the best time in their category in the first run through the Montes de Zuera selective sector (SS3), which kept them in the battle for victory. However, in the definitive SS4, a small fault in the gearbox forced them to complete the 118 km of the stage without being able to change third gear. Their tenacity and faith kept them in the battle until the last timed kilometer, and they completed the race just nine seconds short of the long-awaited privileged position. All in all, the magnificent second position achieved allows them to extend their lead in the Spanish Championship among the production side-by-sides.

Both Miquel Prat and the YXZ1000R Cup participants will have just enough time to check their mounts before the dispute of the next scoring event, the Guadalajara TT Rally, which arrives in just two weeks, the next October 1 and 2.

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Race Classification Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup:

1. Edesio Caamaño / Juan José Caamaño 5h 33'55"

2. Guillaume Meura / Carles Barangé +9'55"

3. Marc Sala / Pol Macià +14'12"

4. Luis Sainero / José Luis Muñoz +20'13"

5. Fernando Mesa / Iván Cano +25'55"


General Classification Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup 2022:

1. Edesio Caamaño 168,66 puntos

2. Luis Sainero 134,46 pts.

3. Guillaume Meura 106,53 pts.

4. Fernando Mesa 101,74 pts.

5. Agustín González 86,36 pts.


Race classification Spain Championship SSV:

1. Ricardo Sánchez / Julián Villarubia 5h 22' 31”

2. Edesio Caamaño / Juan José Caamaño +11'24”

3. Guillaume Meura / Carles Barangé +21'19"

4. Miguel Guillermo Valero / Marta Plaza +21'41"

5. David Asensio / José Mauel Mata +22'17"


General classification Spain Championship SSV:

1. Edesio Caamaño 147,45 puntos

2. Ricardo Sánchez 124,5 pts.

3. David Asensio 108,03 pts.

4. Luis Sainero 99,94 pts.

5. Guillermo Gómez 89,78 pts.


Race classification T4 Spain:

1. Gael Queralt / Sergi Brugué 5h 43'15"

2. Miquel Prat / Sergio Lafuente 5h 43'24"

3. Carlos Vento / Jaqueline Ricci 6h 08'38"

4. Fernando Ponce / Esteban Tolosa 6h 09'13"

5. Oscar Masó / Marc Solà 6h 41'44"


General classification Spain T4:

1. Miquel Prat 164,52 puntos

2. Alfonso Asensio 109,82 pts.

4. Alexander Toril 106,96 pts.

4. Eduard Pons 100,5 pts.

5. Miguel Ángel Valero 52,72 pts


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