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Cycle touring calendar 2023 Spain

A cyclotourism march or Gran Fondo is a sporting event that brings together cyclists of different levels to ride a certain circuit in a single day. This type of event can be a great experience for any cyclist, as it allows them to enjoy the sport surrounded by other enthusiasts and discover new places and landscapes.

What is a Gran Fondo race?

A Gran Fondo race is a type of cycling event that focuses on long distances, usually between 120 and 200 kilometres, with demanding terrain and significant gradients. These races are open to cyclists of all levels, and can have a competitive component or simply be a mass participation event.

The term "Gran Fondo" originated in Italy and refers to a type of long-distance race that takes place on public roads. The term "Gran Fondo" originated in Italy and refers to a type of long-distance race that takes place on public roads. Unlike other cycling competitions, Gran Fondos are not closed to traffic, so cyclists compete in conditions similar to those of a normal road race.

In a Gran Fondo race, cyclists usually start together and can use any type of bike, from road bikes to mountain bikes to electric bikes. The main objective is to complete the course in the shortest possible time and reach the finish line.

Gran Fondo races can be an exciting and challenging experience for cyclists, as they offer the opportunity to ride through breathtaking terrain, compete against other cyclists and challenge themselves to reach new goals. However, due to the distance and physical demands, it is important that cyclists prepare adequately and have a good level of fitness before participating in a Gran Fondo race.

Cycle Tourism Calendar 2023: the essentials

These are the most important (in our opinion) Cyclotourism races, although remember that these types of events are subject to date changes:


6: La Cantabrona (Polanco-Cantabria) 

6: Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo (Oropesa del Mar-Comunitat Valenciana) - 

13: Ciclodeportiva Desafío Guadarrama by TotalEnergies (Comunidad de Madrid)

14: La Remences Energy Tools (Sant Esteve D’en Bas-Catalunya)


3: Los 10.000 del Soplao (Cabezón de la Sal-Cantabria)

3: VII Marcha Internacional Sierras de la Alpujarra-La Indomable (Berja-Andalucía)

3: XIX Desafío Lagos de Covadonga by TotalEnergies (Cangas de Onís-Asturias)

17: Quebrantahuesos (Sabiñánigo-Aragón)

17: Treparriscos (Sabiñánigo-Aragón)


9: Gran Fondo Ézaro (Dumbría-Galicia)

16: XXVI Marcha Ciclo Ruta Lagunas de Neila (Quintanar de la Sierra-Castilla y León)


20: XXIX Marcha Pedro Delgado (Segovia-Castilla y León)


23: XII Marcha Alberto Contador (Oliva-Comunitat Valenciana)

¿Por qué se celebran las marchas cicloturistas?

Cycle touring rallies are held for several reasons, one of the main ones being the promotion of cycling and physical activity in general. These events offer cyclists the opportunity to enjoy the sport surrounded by other cycling enthusiasts and to discover new places and landscapes.

In addition, cycle rallies are also a way to promote tourism in the regions where they take place, as they often take place in picturesque and attractive locations. In this way, income and jobs can be generated in local communities through tourism.

Another reason for cycle rallies is solidarity and fundraising for charitable causes. Many cycle rallies are organised with the aim of supporting a specific cause, such as medical research, the fight against cancer or helping those in need.

In short, cycle rallies are held to promote cycling and physical activity, encourage tourism in the regions where they take place and support charitable causes. These events offer a unique opportunity for cyclists to enjoy their favourite sport and get involved in the local and international cycling community. Follow SDT Brakes on Instagram so you don't miss out on the best motorsports news!


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