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Malfunctioning brake discs: signs and causes

Brake discs are critical components of your vehicle's braking system and play a vital role in your driving safety. When brake discs malfunction or are damaged, they can jeopardise your ability to stop the car safely. Get ready to dive in with SDT brakes to see the signs of brake disc malfunction, the possible causes of these problems and the corresponding solutions.

Signs of malfunctioning brake discs

- Vibration or shaking when braking: One of the most common signs of damaged brake discs is the vibration or shaking you may feel in the steering wheel or brake pedal when applying the brakes. This may be due to uneven disc wear.

- Braking noise: Worn or damaged brake discs often produce squealing, grinding or squealing noises when braking. This may indicate that the brake pads are rubbing or that the discs are worn.

- Loss of braking efficiency: If you notice that your car takes longer to stop or requires extra effort on the brake pedal to stop, this could indicate problems with the brake discs.

- Worn or uneven surface: Visually, you can inspect the brake discs through the wheels. If you notice that the disc surface is worn, has deep grooves or has uneven areas, this is a sign of wear or damage.

- Uneven braking feel: If you feel that the car tends to pull to one side when braking, this could indicate a problem with the brake discs on a particular wheel.

Causes of malfunctioning brake discs

- Normal wear: Over time, brake discs wear out due to regular use and heat generated during braking. This wear is normal and occurs gradually.

- Overheating: repeated heavy braking can cause brake discs to overheat, leading to hardening of the metal and cracking.

- Worn or damaged brake pads: Worn or incorrectly adjusted brake pads can cause uneven disc wear.

- Stuck brake calipers: brake calipers that do not slide properly can cause the brake pads to remain in constant contact with the discs, causing premature wear.

- Contamination: The accumulation of dirt, dust or contaminated brake fluids on the disc surface can affect disc performance.

Solutions for brake disc problems

Solutions to brake disc problems can vary depending on the severity of the problem, but here are some common measures that can help you and troubleshoot brake disc problems.

If the discs or pads are worn or damaged, they need to be replaced. This will restore braking performance. Regular brake system maintenance, including disc and pad inspection, is necessary to identify problems early.

It is important to ensure that brake calipers are sliding correctly and are not jammed. Also, drive smoothly and avoid hard braking to reduce premature wear of the brake discs.

He regularly wipes dirt and dust from the brake discs to prevent contamination. It's another of the many ways you can keep your brake discs in ideal condition for your vehicle.

Consequences of brake malfunction

Malfunctioning vehicle brakes can have serious and potentially fatal consequences, as brakes are one of the most critical safety systems in a car. Here is a list of possible consequences of brake malfunction:

Increased distance and loss of control

When the brakes are not working properly, the vehicle will require a longer stopping distance. This means it will take you longer to stop the car in an emergency situation, which increases the risk of collisions.

Faulty brakes can cause a loss of control of the vehicle. This is especially dangerous in heavy traffic, sharp curves or adverse weather conditions.

Collisions and additional damage

Failure to stop the vehicle properly can lead to collisions with other vehicles, fixed objects or pedestrians, which can cause property damage, injury or even death.

Faulty brakes can also cause additional damage to other components of the braking system, such as brake discs and pads, which can increase the cost of repairs. Malfunctioning brakes can cause hard braking and uneven tyre wear, reducing traction and vehicle control.


If you experience brake disc problems, it is essential to address them in a timely manner to maintain safety on the road. If you are inexperienced in automotive mechanics, it is advisable to consult a reputable mechanic to assess and fix any brake-related problems with your vehicle.


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