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Tools for changing car brake discs

When it's time to change your car's brake discs, it's essential to be prepared with the right tools. This maintenance process can significantly improve the safety and performance of your vehicle. Here at SDT brakes, I will introduce you to the essential tools you need to carry out this task effectively.

Essential tools for changing brake discs

Firstly, you will require a car jack and safety stands to lift the vehicle safely and stably while working on the brakes. This is essential to ensure your safety and to facilitate access to the brake discs.

A wheel spanner or impact spanner will allow you to remove the wheels and access the brake discs. You will also need a socket spanner or ratchet spanner to loosen and remove the bolts that hold the brake calipers in place.

Some vehicles use bolts with Allen or Torx heads to hold the brake calipers in place. Make sure you have the right spanner if your car uses these types of bolts. A socket spanner may also be needed to remove the bolts that hold the brake discs to the wheel hub.

To prepare the new brake discs before fitting them, a wire brush or brake disc cleaner is useful to remove dirt and rust from their surface.

When it comes time to compress the brake caliper piston and make room for the new brake pads, a clamp stapler or a brake piston compression tool is essential.

Important considerations when choosing a tool to replace brake discs

If your vehicle uses Allen or Torx bolts to hold the brake calipers, it is advisable to have a corresponding set of spanners. This will make it easier to access these areas, especially if your car has rear disc brakes.

To loosen brake discs that may be stuck in the wheel hub due to rust, a rubber or wooden hammer will be useful. This will allow you to remove the discs more easily.

Applying anti-silica paste or brake lubricant to the contact surfaces of the brake pads can help prevent squealing and squealing when braking. This is an important consideration to ensure a quieter driving experience.

If you wish to check the thickness of brake discs to ensure they are within the manufacturer's recommended specifications, a brake disc thickness gauge can be useful, although it is optional.

Final considerations

Finally, don't forget to protect your hands with work gloves and your eyes with goggles while working on the brake system. Safety is paramount in any automotive maintenance task.

Having these essential tools at your disposal will allow you to change your car's brake discs safely and effectively. Before you begin, make sure you have all these tools and follow your vehicle manufacturer's instructions or seek guidance from an experienced mechanic if you don't feel confident performing the task yourself. Proper brake maintenance is essential for safety on the road, so make sure you do it properly.


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