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What is Formula Drift?

Formula Drift is an exciting and unique form of motorsport that combines the skill of the drivers with the spectacular nature of controlled drifting. Although not as well known as other motorsport competitions, such as Formula 1 or NASCAR, Formula Drift has gained popularity and a passionate following around the world due to its daring driving style and its ability to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

The art of controlled drifting

In essence, Formula Drift is a competition in which drivers are pitted against each other in a series of races that test their ability to control a car while intentionally drifting it through specific curves and courses. While it may sound like a chaotic drifting exercise, in reality, controlled drifting in Formula Drift is a meticulous art that requires precision, technique and a deep understanding of the physics of the car.

The competition scene

Formula Drift races take place on specially designed circuits, known as 'drift tracks', which feature tight cornering sections and long straights where drivers can showcase their mastery of the art of drifting. The aim is for drivers to perform controlled and precise drifts while maintaining control of the car and avoiding collisions with obstacles or other competitors.

Scoring and judging

A distinctive feature of Formula Drift is the scoring and judging system used to assess driver performance in each race. Judges evaluate factors such as drift angle, speed, racing line and proximity to the edge of the track and obstacles. Drivers must balance aggression and control in their driving style to achieve the highest possible score and advance in the competition.

The Formula Drift vehicles

The cars used in Formula Drift are a unique blend of power and precision. While retaining the appearance of road cars, these vehicles are highly modified to meet the rigorous requirements of the competition. Drivers can choose from a variety of cars and brands, and modifications include suspension tweaks, special drift tyres and high-performance engines.

The Formula Drift community

Formula Drift is not just a competition of thrilling races and spectacular drifts, it is also a passionate community that has grown stronger and stronger over time. Beyond the circuits and drift tracks, Formula Drift has forged a lifestyle that unites drivers, fans and motorsport enthusiasts around their shared love of adrenaline and skill behind the wheel.

A spirit of camaraderie and collaboration

What distinguishes the Formula Drift community is the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration that prevails among the participants. Unlike other motorsport competitions where rivalry can be intense, in Formula Drift drivers share tips, strategies and techniques with each other. This mentality of mutual support not only improves the overall level of competition, but also creates the feeling of being part of a big family united by their passion for drifting and speed.

Events and festivals: beyond racing

One of the most exciting aspects of Formula Drift is the series of events and festivals that surround it. Fans not only attend the races to see their favourite drivers in action, but can also enjoy custom car shows, autograph sessions, driver meet-and-greets and family-friendly activities. These events have become social gatherings where motorsport enthusiasts can share their enthusiasm and meet people with similar interests.

Formula Drift as an inspiration

Formula Drift has not only inspired drivers to hone their driving skills, but has also influenced car culture in general. Many motoring enthusiasts have adopted the Formula Drift style and aesthetic into their own vehicles, customising them with modifications and designs that reflect the passion for drifting and speed. In addition, Formula Drift has boosted the popularity of drifting events around the world, leading to the creation of more drift tracks and local competitions.

Technology and the virtual community

The digital age has allowed the Formula Drift community to transcend physical boundaries. Online platforms, social networks and specialised forums have provided a space for fans and drivers to share content, discuss strategy and connect in real time. This has contributed to the globalisation of the Formula Drift community, allowing fans from different parts of the world to unite around their love of drifting and virtual racing.

The rise of drifting in Spain

As motorsport evolves, so does fan preference. While Spain has long been an iconic destination for speed racing and rally enthusiasts, the world of drifting has gained ground in the country. Drift events and local competitions have sprung up in different regions, attracting both experienced drivers and those who wish to explore the thrilling curves and controlled turns that characterise this discipline.

Iconic circuits and venues

One of the most exciting aspects of Formula Drift in Spain is the variety of iconic circuits and venues that host these competitions. From traditional speed circuits to temporary tracks created specifically for drifting, drivers have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a wide range of environments. This not only adds an element of excitement and challenge, but also allows fans to experience drifting from different perspectives.


Formula Drift is not just a thrilling racing competition, it is a vibrant and growing community that unites people from all over the world under one banner: a passion for drifting and speed. As this community continues to expand, not only on the racetrack but also online and in the wider car culture, it strengthens the idea that Formula Drift is much more than a competition, it is a lifestyle shared by those who seek the thrill, skill and camaraderie in the world of motorsport.

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