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The Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup closed its penultimate event of the season in Guadalajara with maximum equality and the fight for the open title. Agustín González / Rubén Ruiz won the La Mancha event ahead of the two riders who will play for the championship in Cuenca on October 14 and 15, the brothers Edesio and Juan José Caamaño, and Luis Sainero / Amir Kouch. The harshness of the test was not a problem for the nine Yamaha participants, who only registered one abandonment, motivated by the rider's indisposition.

The eighth edition of the Guadalajara “Villa de Cifuentes” Rally TT welcomed the riders last Friday, September 30, with icy and windy weather, conditions that were joined by a prologue that left no room for error. The first to prove it were the Caamaño brothers, Edesio and Juan José, winners of these initial specials throughout the season, except in Baja Aragón, and who were relegated to third place due to a piloting error at one point along the route, where they were forced to maneuver. The best record among the participants of the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup was for Luis María Henderson / Sergio Roberto Lafuente, who preceded Agustín González / Rubén Ruiz, the aforementioned Caamaño brothers, and Luis Sainero / Amir Kouch.

The Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup closed its penultimate event of the season in Guadalajara with maximum equality and the fight for the open title.

• The contest will be decided in Cuenca between Edesio Caamaño and Luis Sainero, separated by less than 39 points before the final round.

• The fight between Agustín González, Guillaume Meura and Fernando Mesa, separated by less than 6 points, for third position, which grants a direct ticket to compete in the European Super Final, is also open.

• In the SSV category of the CERTT, Agustín González podium (3rd) and fifth position for Edesio Caamaño, which allows him to stay in first place in the classification.

• Miquel Prat, absent in Guadalajara for calendar reasons, has not seen his leadership in the T4 category change.

Miquel Prat, a planned absence

One of the great absences from the Guadalajara TT Rally was Miquel Prat, who had to sacrifice his appearance due to incompatibility with his sports calendar. In any case, this circumstance was already foreseen in advance, and since the regulations allow a performance to be deducted from the final calculation of points, Prat had this zero in his locker. In any case, the course of the competition in T4 has not altered his situation in the classification, which he continues to lead with more than 20 points ahead with two tests to go.

The next competitive appointment will arrive in just two weeks, on October 14 and 15, in Cuenca. The eighth edition of this race will serve to decide the title and third place in the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup, so the excitement is served.

Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup Race Classification:

1. Agustín González / Rubén Ruiz 6h 00’36”

2. Luis María Henderson / Sergio Roberto Lafuente +7’29”

3. Edesio Caamaño / Juan José Caamaño +9’21”

4. Luis Sainero / Amir Kouch +13’06”

5. Fernando Mesa / Iván Cano +36’51"

General classification Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup 2022:

1. Edesio Caamaño 206,1 puntos

2. Luis Sainero 167,74 pts.

3. Agustín González 137,86 pts.

4. Guillaume Meura 134,61 pts.

5. Fernando Mesa 131,9 pts.

General classification Spanish SSV Championship:

1. Edesio Caamaño 177,61 puntos

2. Ricardo Sánchez 176,5 pts.

3. David Asensio 151,71 pts.

4. Luis Sainero 128,02 pts.

5. Agustín González 112,33 pts.

General classification Spanish Cup T4:

1. Miquel Prat 164,52 puntos

2. Alfonso Asensio 135,82 pts.

3. Alexander Toril 106,96 pts.

4. Eduard Pons 100,5 pts.

5. Miguel Ángel Valero 52,72 pts.


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